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Is It Too Early to Get in the Holiday Spirit?

I love Christmas. Maybe a little too much.

Even before the Halloween decorations are out, I’m already thinking about Santa Claus, my holiday carols playlist, and debating with Greg on when to put up the Christmas tree. Why do I love the holiday season so much? Well everyone seems a lot nicer and happier at that time of the year, myself included.

One of the greatest gifts Greg and I received on Christmas Eve was the birth of our daughter, Rosie. Our little spitfire changed our lives irrevocably, and helps us to live our best life, which makes me love the holidays even more.

The one thing I dislike about the season is the overwhelming feeling that comes from holiday planning. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best time to add a little magic, starting with a family close-up.

Check out a selection of my favorite portraits:


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