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In Their Own Words: Fern Chan

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

― Kahlil Gibran

When working with an artistic photographer, one hopes they will understand who we are, and uncover the more authentic version of ourselves.

Fern Chan, Yonkers, New York

Cover Beauty Portrait, Maternal Glow, Fine Art Family Portraits

“Sandy has a way of bringing out that sparkle and joy that is the true essence of who I am.”

Sandy first took photos of Fern Chan dancing on stage as a burlesque performer. Their artistic collaboration took off from there, and now Sandra Madhere Foto (formerly Keenography) has become the educator's first choice to capture her multifaceted persona. From the confident public speaker's Branding Headshots to the playful, sexy spirit of a Cover Beauty Portrait, and more recently, the baby bump for Fern's second child in a Maternal Glow session.



“I love Sandra’s attention to detail and personal coaching during each pose. She captured the best angles during my pregnancy glow to show off all my glorious curves!”


Fern, together with her husband William and their two children Artemis and Tiberius worked with Sandra on a Fine Art Portrait for Families in Central Park last summer.

“It’s always a lot of fun and giggles. My sweet husband knows how much I enjoy these sessions, and although he does it to please me, I know he enjoys hanging out with Sandy, too!”



Legacy sessions with Sandy have become a tradition for the family of four and may have inspired Fern's daughter to follow in the photographer's footsteps.

"The Princess of Selfies, Artemis is a little bit shameless like her mama--she really enjoys taking pictures."

About Sandra Madhere Foto (formerly Keenography): Sandra Madhere provides clients with a photographic experience that combines her ability to be artistically creative and intuitive, with the utmost professionalism. Sandra Madhere Foto, a full-service portrait, and event photography studio for the Metro Atlanta area specializes in artistic and aspirational imagery. As principal and owner, Sandra offers professional branding packages and customizable photoshoots for individuals and families.


Andrea Preziotti is an outsourced CMO specializing in content marketing, communications and community development for small and midsized businesses. When not traveling the globe, Andrea lives in Brooklyn, NY with a Siamese cat named Finn.


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