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Here are a few facts about me: 

I'm from Queens, NY.

I've been a burlesque photographer.

I really enjoy historical dramas - especially if they've got a British accent. Peaky Blinders anyone?


I'll pick dark chocolate over milk chocolate any day. 

I've lived in many cities on the East Coast - from NY, to CT and NJ to Miami and now Metro ATL - all in the span of 11 years.

When it comes to drinks, I'm a bourbon and champagne kinda girl.

I am Salvadorean-American, and am fluent in Spanish - ¡Llamame!

These days, I'm a secular homeschooling parent. We decided to stick with it after the pandemic.


And most importantly, I believe that Black Lives Matter.

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A little more about who I am:

In my tween and teen years, I was absolutely obsessed with fashion magazines. I couldn't get enough of the stunning photography and creativity that went into each image. I loved work by Patrick Demarchelier, Ellen von Unwerth, Peter Lindbergh, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, David LaChapelle, and Herb Ritts. But I most adored Annie Leibovitz's editorial spreads! 


When the Great Recession (nothing really great about it IMO) hit in 2008, I found myself out of work and rethinking my career choices. That's when I decided to take a chance and pursue my childhood dream of becoming a fashion photographer.​


I started with portraits and event photography, but I quickly found myself drawn into the fashion world. Before I knew it, I was shooting multiple seasons of NY Fashion Week - talk about a dream come true!​


The more I learned about fashion, the more I wanted to incorporate its artistry and style into my portrait work. That's how I came up with the idea for my "Cover Beauty Portrait" sessions - I want everyone to feel like they belong on the cover of a magazine!

In my personal time, I've been happily married to an amazing husband for over 12 years and we're proud parents to our spirited little girl. Ask me how we got together... it's quite a journey! ;)

Thanks for checking out my story! I hope we get the chance to work together and build a long-lasting friendship.


~ Sandy Rosales-Madhere

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