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What in the world is a Personal Business Branding Session, and do you need one?

Let me guess how you feel about having your picture taken... you'd rather go to the dentist, amirite?

If you are a small company owner, an aspiring professional, or an entrepreneur who wants to step up their game you can not put off a personal branding portrait session for too long, especially in 2022. Some of you may remember that before the 21st century, marketers would begin a campaign and wait weeks to find out if all their effort was a success. Now, companies will know all that data virtually immediately thanks to the internet and social media. Focus groups are no longer required, yet up until the Digital Age, businesses couldn't function without them. Another example of how far marketing has developed in only 20 years.

Consider some of your favorite shops, including big names like The Gap, Target, and Pottery Barn. Have you noticed how each of these businesses has its own particular vibe? In the same way, the purpose of a personal branding photography session is to focus in on your present or ideal style and show it off to the world through the images used on your website, social media accounts, blog, and more.

Branding photos help you come across as put together and confident, and your future clients will feel as though they know and understand you a lot better. And we all know that the more a potential customer likes you, the more likely they are to work with you!

We'll work closely with you to make sure your photo session goes smoothly and your pictures reflect who you truly are. That said, here are three things to think about as you plan your personal branding session:

Use Props That Represent Your Business

We don’t have to use a prop in every shot, but if your company uses certain tools or devices, it's a good idea to include them in a few. If you're a photographer, bring your camera; if you're a jewelry designer, wear your favorite pieces; and if you're a winemaker, bring a couple of bottles and a nice glassware.

Make a List of Locations That Represent Your Business and Personality

We might want a mix of neutral venues, followed by somewhere that represents your company. If you own a restaurant, pictures of your establishment are a must. If you’re a singer we can shoot at a recording studio or on a stage. Neutral settings will work just fine if your profession is less complex.

Think About Your Personal Style

For personal branding images, we really want to zero in on your personal style. If you’re a brewmaster or a furniture designer, you’ll probably want to opt for a slightly elevated casual look. If you’re the founder of a high-tech smartphone app, then maybe a pressed shirt and sports jacket or a well-tailored a-line power dress is better. We will work with you to help figure out the perfect outfit.

Jazz Biancci, Dancer, NY, NY

If you want more tips & tools for your Brand, schedule your free consultation with me here. If you find these tips helpful, share them with 3 of your friends!

Until next time,

Sandy Madhere


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