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3 Must Have Brand Photos Your Business Needs

So you finally acknowledge that you need brand photos for your company, but aren't sure what they should be? While there are a variety of business branding portraits that a company can make use of, there are three that are absolutely necessary and will help take your business up a level or two:

1. The Professional Headshot. This is a must-have item for any business person. A professional headshot presents you as trustworthy and capable. It also puts a face with the name, and helps people remember who you are and what you do. You may feel like using a selfie as your business photo, but I urge you to replace it with a professional one as soon as possible.

A good place to use your headshots is on your website’s about page, on your social media profiles, and on business cards so that people can easily see your face.

2. A Photo of You and Your Team. This is a terrific approach to showcase the personality of your company. It can give your potential clients an idea of how it feels to work with you. It's also a great way to establish credibility and trust.

3. A Photo of Your Products or Services. Product shots present your goods or services in a visually appealing manner that encourage visitors to learn more about what you have to offer. It also helps buyers with visualizing the personal or professional benefits of your product or service.

Try to get some shots with your hands interacting with the tools you use at work or the product you sell in addition to the standard flat lays (photos of objects placed on a flat surface, photographed from above). It gives your photos a more personal touch.

BONUS TIP: Behind the scenes shots.

Show off how you interact with your customers or how you work on your business. A baker? Capture how you create your delicious recipes. An attorney? Illustrate what goes into preparing for a trial. A personal trainer? Capture how you work with one of your clients.

The proper branding photos will market you and your product or service as an expert in your field to future clients. When you look for a photographer make sure they are willing to sit and guide you on the best way to represent your business.

You got this!


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