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How Building Your Brand Makes a Good Impression

Creating a great product or service takes blood, sweat, and a few tears but the best way to get your business off the ground is concentrating on your brand image. Many business owners sideline the branding conversation as an unnecessary expense when in reality it is one of the key factors to establishing your company's reputation.

Successful companies know that a brand image should be kept top-of-mind. If you're an entrepreneur just starting out, some of the reasons may not be so obvious. Here are our top three reasons why boosting your brand image is worth your time and investment.

Brand image leaves an impact. Did you know that it takes 5-7 brand touchpoints before a consumer remembers a brand? Touchpoints are external entry points for consumers to find you, from your website design and business cards to social media posts and banner ads. The cleanliness of store locations, dress code and even the day to day interactions can impact how clients will react, and interact, with your brand.

Brand image creates recognition. The relationship you have with customers is key to building brand recognition. 91% of consumers would prefer to buy from an authentic brand. Take, the pet supplier known for prioritizing pets has been recognized for its incredible customer service. Delivering "lots of happiness to pets and pet parents," is the company's mission; and their efforts have built a strong and loyal consumer base.

Brand image shows intent. 63% of consumers prefer to purchase from purpose-driven brands. Simple things, like having a professional email address can signal to potential customers that you have skin in the game and are committed to purposeful work. A brand image that resonates with your values shows potential customers, and a professional headshot (wink, wink) also goes a long way in communicating who you are to a potential customer.

When consumers consider working with a new product or service, they aren't just looking for the best new thing but a brand with relatable values to their own. Branding reflects what your company is and what it stands for and is a key indicator of what clients can expect from working with you.

One of the most expressive mediums to share your personal brand is through photography. It provides visual insight into why consumers should choose your business over the thousands of others out there.


Andrea Preziotti is an outsourced CMO specializing in content marketing, communications and community development for small and midsized businesses. When not traveling the globe, Andrea lives in Brooklyn, NY with a Siamese cat named Finn.


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