About Sandy

Madhere [ma-dare]

I'm very inspired by fashion photography.  I've established a following through my photography company Keenography PRIVÉ on Facebook and by publishing my images on various NYC internet fashion sites.  I offer beauty portraits to everyday women from young to seniors citizens.  I really enjoy photographing women who avoid being photographed!  Why?  Because I love bringing out their inner vixen which they thought they lost or never knew they had.

I've been a professional photographer for 4 years.  I've worked very hard at developing my style of photography which you will notice is very influenced by fashion.

I've been married a little over a year to my biggest supporter, +Greg Madhere   He assists me in all my shoots and we shoot all events together.  My family is from El Salvador, and I'm a 1st generation Salvadorean American.  Yes, I love pupusas!  I'm glad they are vegetarian, because I converted to pescatarian in 2011.  I am always searching for new recipes! So please share any good ones you may have!

Find me on Instagram:  sandymadhere
Follow me on Twitter:  @slmadhere
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