Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beyond Portraits: Capturing Feelings

Women are getting it.  

After every photo session I am happy and giddy with excitement, because I realize the ladies have gotten why they needed to do a beauty portrait shoot. Just some of the comments I've heard after their shoots are:

"I feel empowered." - Jessica A.

"You showed me beauty that I always new existed on the inside, and you made that beauty shine on the outside. I never felt this way." - Lily R.

"After the day was ended I felt so at peace with my body. Its hard to accept your flaws, but after doing the photo shoot I felt skinny, strong and pretty. Thank you for that!" - Coleen H.

"Being able to see myself in this beautiful light was the best present I could give to myself!" - Fern C.

"I needed this." - Liz M.

And many have said... "Is that really me??"

That's IT!! 

Ladies, we need to: Embrace ourselves. Love ourselves. Accept ourselves. NOW. There are some of you who haven't taken a real portrait in 10 or 20 years. I'm a woman, so I know most of us go through feelings of inadequacy with ourselves. Our partners sometimes don't understand it. But as women we always need a reminder of our female prowess.

I love the ladies who use their upcoming shoots as an incentive to meet a fitness goal. Why not?! You may not lose 40 lbs. before then, but it'll add to the experience of feeling and doing something great for yourself. I use an upcoming event as a fitness goal all the time!

I know there are some moms who have portraits of their children taken year after year without mommy in the photos. Hmm... Does that remind you of anyone you know? No portraits with mom? That should not happen. Even more regrettable is no portrait of mom, period. One day they'll ask mom where were you? I do wonder if all the moms whose children adore them, realize every child feels their mom is the most beautiful woman in the WORLD.

Strengthen our bonds.

As adults we need to celebrate our special relationships: mother and daughter(s), sisters, best friends, cousins, or multiple generations.  How many people have looked back and wished they had taken a beautiful portrait with their grandmother and mother?  One of my most cherished possessions is a portrait of my grandmother, mother, and me when I was a teenager. How I miss my abuelita...

There is an evolution that I've seen happen after you do a beauty shoot, after you see your images for the first time, and after you share them with your family and friends. It's what I want everyone to feel: Sexy, Glamorous, and Empowered.

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