Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Kiwi and a NYer walk into a photo shoot...

I met Fern through the amazing bunch of ladies from the Bikini Burlesque Bootcamp troupe.  She coaxed her co-worker/neighbor/friend, Zoe, to join her and participate in a Cover Beauty Photo Shoot with us.

They are both beautiful, intelligent NYC women, and at the time were both single and ready to mingle!  They wanted images that made them feel Sexy, Glamorous, and Empowered.  Funny... those are the 3 words that describe my brand! Hmmm this was going to be FUN!!

There is a great balance between their friendship. Fern is a total ham and very outgoing. Zoe is shy and more reserved, but you wouldn't guess that about her by looking at her shots!  Despite how nervous she was, Zoe blew us away with her amazingly gorgeous smile and smoking hot sex appeal.  As normal, in the beginning she was full of jitters, but by the last look she was a STAR.

Fern, a native New Zealander, has been taking NYC by storm.  In between her day job in higher education, mud run races, triathlons, she is a Bikini Burlesque alumnus, and now a certified teacher for them.  

After their sneak peaks went up on our Facebook fan page, both ladies received LOTS of attention, even from people they hadn't heard from in a long while! Everyone took notice of the messages their images conveyed, and how invigorated they looked!

Thank you ladies for trusting me to look into your eyes with my camera lens.

Check out the behind the scenes video of their shoot at the very end!

Hair and make-up by:  Thirza Johanna

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